Follow-up activities

So you learnt meditation. How do you keep up the habit? 

After the beginners course there are benefits to be had from reflecting, sharing and learning. Acem offers  courses, retreats and other activites supporting this. Expanding your meditation vocabulary enriches the meditation experience. Sharing dilemmas and challenges from your meditation deepens your understanding. 

In addition we offer books on meditation. Articles offering perspectives on mediation both as a practice and a concept are found on  The meditation blog

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Meditation retreats

  • Weekend retreats help you overcome obstacles to successful meditation, leading to deeper relaxation and initiating fascinating processes of personality development.
  • Summer retreats usually take place in beautiful natural surroundings at Acem’s retreat centres in Scandinavia. Deep layers of mental stress and muscular tension give way to a calmer and more receptive frame of mind.
  • Deepening retreats are for Acem meditators who already have some experience with weeklong retreats and who want to practise meditations of more than six hours daily. 
  • Advanced deepening retreats are for very experienced Acem meditators who already have six weeks of deepening retreats and who want to practise round-the-clock meditations.

Group psychology

  • Training in Interpersonal Communication is a way to explore your personality and the way you interact with others in an open and reflective atmosphere. The benefits of this personal growth experience will be felt in your professional and private life.

Meditation meetings

  • Group meditations followed by guidance stimulate your motivation for daily meditation and improve your command of the basic principles.
  • Long meditations are drop-in sessions with more than one hour of group meditation followed by discussion and guidance.

Follow-up courses

  • The follow-up courses M1 and M2 make meditation theory come alive, improving the quality of your practice, and boosting both the short-term and long-term results. You may participate in a full course or go to individual meetings.

You may also make an appointment to discuss your meditation practice with a qualified guide.