Acem Meditation: An Introductory Companion

Authors: Are Holen and Halvor Eifring

A comprehensive description of Acem Meditation, with practical, psychological and existential perspectives.

Second revision.

Acem Meditation: An Introductory Companion
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Book - ISBN 978-82-91405-27-8
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Acem Meditation India


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by Are Holen and Halvor Eifring

This book helps established practitioners of Acem Meditation, but also TM and other non-directive mantra meditations to maximise their benefits from the practice. The book discusses psychological, philosophical and existential aspects of Acem Meditation. Readers wanting to explore the relevant issues in a broader context, or who simply are looking for advice for how to deal with aspects of their meditation practice may find this book to be a source of inspiration.

In English-speaking countries, the book is used as course material for physical beginner's courses and is included in the course fee. (Online beginner's courses use digital excerpts instead.)


  •  Getting started
  •  Notions and recommendations
  •  Practical advice
  •  Long meditations – a brief introduction
  •  Getting into process
  •  Personality development
  •  Acem Meditation and the unconscious
  •  Metathoughts – reflections of self-images
  •  Acem Meditation and other meditation practices
  •  “It takes two to see one” – Acem Meditation guidance
  •  The meditation sound
  •  Road map to growth